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Where to Eat in and Around Yosemite

Posted by Carolyn Jung on July 27, 2017

1850 Restaurant, Mariposa











Named for the year that Mariposa was established and California became the 31st state, 1850 Restaurant is where burgers rule. In fact, the restaurant serves more than 3,000 burgers each month. The “Bootjack,’’ named for the community just outside of Mariposa, is the runaway favorite of the 8–9 options, with its fresh, hand-formed patty crowned with thick apple wood-smoked bacon, beer-battered onion rings, cheddar, and signature house-made barbecue sauce. Owners Jake and Hanna Wackerman  also feature five beers from their 1850 Brewery, which was established in March 2017.  “It’s truly been a dream to open our own place together,’’ says Hanna Wackerman.

Despite evacuation, business owner stays put Worried food would go to waste, Jake Wackerman cooked food for first responders.

By: Christina Tetreault

Posted: Jul 19, 2017 08:30 PM PDT

MARIPOSA, Calif. - As the Detwiler Fire continued to burn and thousands of fire fighters from across the state fought the flames inching closer to the Town of Mariposa, one local business owner braved evacuation orders and started a sizzle of his own.


After power went out through Mariposa County, 1850 Restaurant and Brewing Company owner Jake Wackerman didn't want to see his food inventory to go to waste. He, along along with friends and family lit up the grill, put up a sign, and served up food for first responders.


"I don't want to throw it away. I'd like to feed people if we could. I grew up here. These guys do this stuff on a daily basis but when theres something big like this it's the least I can do," he said.


For the Wackerman family, Mariposa is home and seeing the fire so close is terrifying.


"We appreciate everything they do for us. They are true heroes. I've been here 62 years this is as close to town I've ever seen a fire," said Wackerman's Dad Greg. 


"Just driving through the town is weird. It's weird to see it like a ghost town," said Jake.



DineOut Along the Road Saturday on Fox26

By Fox26 KMPH News Tuesday, May 3rd 2016





















FOX26 is excited to be premiering a local food show called "DineOut Along the Road" on Saturday, May 7th at 5:30 p.m.



FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) FOX26 is excited to be premiering a local lifestyle show called "DineOut Along the Road" on Saturday, May 7th at 5:30 p.m.


The unique destination program will follow host, Ray O'Canto on a quest to uncover the most beloved and delicious dining destinations within Central California.


DineOut Along the Road is the second season and spin-off of the DineOut series by the Four Foodies Productions team. Each episode will focus on a specific location and showcase the hidden gems and hot spots for food, wine and treasures in Central California. The series will explore beyond the well-prepared, delightful dishes and charming ambiances, by capturing and sharing the stories behind the chefs, vintners and personalities of each culinary gem.


"We are on a journey to bring awareness to and highlight the interesting dining destinations, the fascinating people and the incredible wineries within the culinary scene of Central California," said Four Foodies Executive Producer, Ray O'Canto. "Like the author, Virginia Wolf, once expressed, 'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.'"


FOX26 General Manager, Jack Peck expressed the station's involvement saying, "We are so excited to provide our viewers with a quality weekly program that is produced locally and showcases the lifestyle, food and drink right here in the Central Valley! Not only will our viewers learn the backstories but they will discover many hidden gems right in their own backyards."


In an effort to promote the extraordinary dining experiences of each area, the DineOut team will be traveling on location. Filming for this season is currently well underway, with episodes set to feature the Central California cities of: Prather, Shaver Lake, Mariposa, Kingsburg, Exeter and more. Subsequent shows are scheduled to air every Saturday for a 12-week run, with nine episodes airing in Prime Time 8 p.m. For the complete episode schedule check out the DineOut website at


About Four Foodies Productions Four Foodies Productions, created by Executive Producer, Ray O'Canto, is comprised of a committed group of professionals. With an intense enthusiasm and devotion to video production and a desire to tell stories of significance, the Four Foodies Productions team produces content for viewers of all ages throughout California. Their mission is to seek and capture treasured moments that remind others of the value in small businesses, and to inspire, encourage and challenge people to explore the excitement of everyday life.

3 great Mariposa restaurants


By Jackie Burrell

Posted:   01/16/2015












Hanna Wackerman serves up a beer to go with the Twisted Burger at the 1850 restaurant in Mariposa, Calif. on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015. (Kristopher Skinner/Bay Area News Group) ( Kristopher Skinner )




The vibe: Jake and Hanna Wackerman's year-old bistro gives a nod to California's entrance into the Union -- in 1850 -- with a menu that salutes the Golden State's glorious, edible resources. This is actually Mariposa's second Wackerman restaurant; Jake's mother, Mirriam, owns the very popular Savoury's just down the street. Jake's place is more casual, with a bar up front, a beer garden for nice weather and an airy dining room where you can cozy up in a booth or at a four-top near the map of California, constructed entirely out of wine corks.
















The dish: The restaurant is known for its fried chicken ($16) -- brined for 24 hours, then double dipped before its sojourn in the hot oil. The result is perfectly tender flesh on the inside and a thick, flavorful and completely irresistible crust on the outside. It's drizzled with a ginger-soy syrup and served with mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables and a wasabi-buttermilk dipping sauce. Be sure to try one of the dozen or so "twisted burgers" ($13-$17), which range from a classic 1850 burger to a Sloppy Jake's, a double-patty Cowboss and a completely over-the-top 50-50 bacon-beef burger.



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